Производство ПБВ


The Chekhov plant and its process equipment were designed and manufactured in Germany by industry leading companies and engineers in conjunction with Rubitron.

The process solutions, designed exclusively for Rubitron, allow to overcome two key PMB production challenges in Russia:

  1. a) stabilizing the quality of base bitumen;
  2. b) produce homogenous segregation-resistant PMB for long-range delivery and long term storage.

These solutions build upon multi-year record of bitumen/PMB usage in Russia and Europe and the deep understanding of bitumen/polymer chemical and physical properties. This has resolved what previously seemed unresolvable: STABILIZE QUAILITY OF BASE BITUMEN BEFORE IT ENTERS HIGH SHEAR MIXER.

Rubitron’s production process allows for the storing of several bitumen grades and mixing thereof depending on quality grades to produce stable high quality PMBs.